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    With the implementation of the strategy of rise of central China central and provincial economy and the rapid development of tourism, many international brand hotel giants huamei expressiveness and westin, sheraton, Hilton, shangri-la, merchant, jinjiang in succession in central endowment or cooperation in new projects, central hotel supplies industry into the rapid growth stage.
    Located in the middle of henan province, the geographical superiority, capital, zhengzhou, is the national important traffic hub and commodity distributing center, peripheral radiation ability among the top. According to not complete count, henan province has star hotel nearly one thousand, different types of hotel and social restaurant at least 300000 above. Along with the Shanghai world expo, guangzhou Asian closing, local hotel market is saturated, and central henan is in hotel development, will become the golden age of following Shanghai, guangzhou after the first hotel can overlook the Midwest supplies market.
    China zhengzhou OuYa International Hospitality Equipment & Supplies Exhibition has successfully hosted the fifth, after five years of development, with the huge number of high quality buyers groups, perfecting the rich publicity channels, high quality professional exhibition service, unique geographical position and strong advantages in the market radiation ability, Eurasian hotel supplies exhibition has been Midwest hotel, catering business support and trust, is now known as "the Midwest's biggest gold exhibition" and recognized as "the Midwest hotel, catering annual purchasing order exhibition".
    The 19th China (Zhengzhou) OuYa International Hospitality Equipment & Supplies Exhibition with "hotel supplies concept," interpretation hotel, catering solutions! The exhibition is AD hoc hotel intelligence supplies, the audience can obtain demonstration zone site is the most direct experience; AD hoc high-end hotels supplies away for high-end buyers make private enjoy fields. Exhibition period and has arranged in central hotel has ten energy-saving products selection of award, high-end hotels supplies procurement, purchasing managers with suppliers face-to-face, brilliant activities, for both the supply and the demand with a comprehensive communication platform.
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